1. One-Hand Folding and Opening

You can fold and unfold the Squizz in a blink with one hand while holding your baby in the other. To fold unlock with one hand the double security mechanism. An auto-lock maintains the stroller folded. 

2. 5-point Harness

As required by European Safety Standards, the 5-point harness has been installed for the safety and security of babies.


3. Viewing Window

This viewing window allows you to watch your baby while pushing the stroller. It is big enough so that baby can also see you. It has a mesh layer for UV protection.

4. Bumper Bar

The bumper bar is completely removable for your convenience, and you can open and close it so that you can place baby in the stroller with ease.


5. Large Storage Basket and Brake Pads

We designed a large storage basket to carry things like baby's diaper bag, baby's milk bag, toys or even shopping bags. 



The brake pads were designed to be open-toe-shoe friendly. You can easily lock and unlock the brakes without having to use your hands.


6. Wheel Suspensions

The Squizz has integral 4-wheel suspension and 12 ball bearings which allows perfect maneuvring ease with one hand while holding a phone,  bag or a child in the other.  The front swivel wheels lock and unlock in one easy movement.


7. 12-ball bearing wheels

We have equipped this stroller with reliable and excellent quality wheels with 12-ball bearings, for your baby's safety, stability and comfort. 

8. Pull-up Luggage Handle and Castor Wheels

The castor wheels not only maintain the stroller upright when folded but allow it to be conveniently pulled like a 4-wheel trolley case. Practical when travelling in airports, train stations, subways or in a parking. This added to its compact size makes the Squizz the ultimate urban stroller ideal for travel and on-the-go parents!