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Looping Scootizz with Push Bar

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Benefits for Child Development:
In their early years, children develop their motor skills at different stages. At each of these stages, a child's needs vary. Looping meets and addresses all these needs in one toy, the Scootizz.

1. A balance bike to learn balance (up to 3yo)
This teaches your child all about balance and how to control it. He also develops his reflexes by managing direction, speed, and learning how to stop.

2. A tricycle to learn how to pedal (up to 3yo)
The tricycle's many advantages include developing your child's sense of orientation and coordination skills. Pedalling also helps develop and tone your child's muscles.

3. A 3-wheel scooter to gain confidence (up to 20kgs)
Scooters encourage your child to be active. The 3 wheels allow your child to maintain stability and also give a boost of confidence before leveling up to 2 wheels.

4. A 2-wheel scooter to boost independence (up to 50kgs or 110lb)
When your child is ready, she will transition to the 2-wheel scooter. This will boost independence while allowing your little one to stay active and have fun.